Now the biggest online mental health company in history, here’s what’s next for Cerebral

This month, Cerebral officially became the largest and fastest growing online mental health company in the world after raising $300 million from investors in Series C funding. Although we’re proud of that, this news isn’t just about how far the company has come or how far it will go. It means even more for what Cerebral members will get out of their Cerebral care.

Take a look below to see what we have in store for Cerebral members!

2021 in review

We’ve grown tremendously after launching about two years ago. But there can be no doubt that 2021 was the best year yet for Cerebral and Cerebral members. 

In 2021, Cerebral:

  • partnered with the amazing Simone Biles as our Chief Impact Officer
  • launched nutrition services in select states
  • launched Cerebral in the UK and partnered with the National Health Services (NHS)
  • added substance use disorders and other conditions to our ever growing list of treated conditions
  • partnered with many more in-network insurers, including some of the largest ones in the country
  • expanded our employer partnerships so many people can access Cerebral through their employer for free

“Cerebral’s growth in the last year shows just how much the world needs affordable and accessible mental health care. It’s important to us that we not only improve access to mental health care through a convenient platform and affordable plans, but to also improve patient outcomes,” said Kyle Robertson, co-Founder and CEO of Cerebral.

What’s in store for 2022

So, what’s next? Cerebral will continue to become the one-stop shop for high-quality mental health care that reduces wait times from months to minutes—and to become synonymous with mental health care in the minds of consumers, payers, employers, and others.

Here’s how we’ll do even more for Cerebral members in 2022 and beyond.

New service lines

After starting off by treating anxiety, depression, and insomnia, Cerebral added bipolar disorder, ADHD, substance abuse, and more to the conditions we treat. But we know there’s still more that we can do. So we will invest in new services and offerings to become the one-stop shop for all mental and behavioral health care. 

We’ll also continue to build relationships with our insurance and employer partners. That way, people around the country can access even more affordable care via their health insurance or through their employer.

Precision treatment

In recent years, health care providers have learned that one size does not necessarily fit all in the health world. Often, quality of care depends on the nuances each one of us experience in our bodies and minds. For that reason, Cerebral will continue to build our data science capabilities so patient experience and treatment plans are more personalized and effective.

Global expansion

Lastly, we will expand our global footprint because we truly believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves quality mental health care.

“Ultimately, Cerebral will become synonymous with high-quality care, to anyone who needs it,” said Robertson. “The feedback we’ve gotten from members all over the world is a testament to our services and I’m so proud of where we are today and where we’ll be in the near future.”

We’re so excited to continue on our mission to improve access to high-quality, long-term health care. We’re just getting started!

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  • If you are in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
    Call 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line:
    Text Home to 741-741
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