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If you have overactive thoughts or emotions, therapy can help. Cerebral Therapy helps you manage your emotions so you can focus on the things that matter.

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Expert Help For Your Emotional Health
Expert Help For Your Emotional Health

How Cerebral Care works

Getting Started

  • 1. Choose your plan

    Get medication, therapy, or both. You can always change plans later.

  • 2. Meet your Care Team

    Your new therapist is here for you. Not a fit? We’ll assign you someone new.

Continuous care with


  • 3. Weekly video/phone sessions with your therapist

    Our specialized therapists use proven psychotherapy techniques to help you with your mental health goals.

  • 4. Message directly with your therapist

    Send your therapist a message at any time. They will typically respond within 24 hrs.

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Call 911

If you’re having a mental
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Text Home to 741-741

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Call 988

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