Cerebral Now Offers Therapy in All 50 States

October 10, 2022

Today, we’re proud to announce we have achieved an important milestone in the progression of our mission to democratize access to high quality mental health care for all. Cerebral, launched in 2020, has expanded its therapy services to all 50 states and the District of Columbia in less than two years. 

“The speed at which we have accomplished having clinicians available to provide therapy services to patients in every state is a testament to the quality of care we offer,” said Christine Cauwels, Cerebral’s Associate Director of Therapy. “What’s even more exciting is what this means for increasing access to effective mental health care for more people. We are able to meet the high demand for care, and are able to provide access to care quickly, averaging three days from signup to the first appointment for our patients.” 

This exciting news comes in October, which is an important month for mental health as we recognize Mental Illness Awareness Week and today, World Mental Health Day. In fact, the theme for World Mental Health Day this year is “Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority.” Having the ability to provide therapy services to patients in every state is just one of the ways Cerebral is meeting the theme of World Mental Day, created by the World Health Organization. 

As we recognize that Cerebral now has licensed therapists in all 50 states, we look forward to helping more people on their mental health journeys. Data has shown that the most effective treatments can be a combination of psychiatric and behavioral therapy services. In fact, between 70 and 90 percent of individuals have a significant reduction of symptoms and improved quality of life through a combination of pharmacological and psychosocial treatments. 

We are thrilled to be able to now offer this effective combination of treatment services to all of our patients across all 50 states, as we know this gets us one step closer to our mission of democratizing access to high quality mental health care for all..

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