Caralyn (Carrie) O'Shaughnessy
Caralyn (Carrie) O'Shaughnessy
Cerebral Therapist Associate
ABOUT Caralyn (Carrie) O'Shaughnessy

Caralyn O’Shaughnessy is a Licensed Social Worker, LSW #0009924006. Caralyn works with individuals going through challenges in life who are looking for additional support. She earned her Master of Social Work degree with a clinical focus from the University of Pennsylvania. Caralyn uses a client-directed approach and meets her clients where they are with their concerns; when ready, they become solution-focused. She specializes in relationship issues, conflict resolution, career concerns (communication skills, advocacy, enhancing teamwork), and parenting strategies including behavior modification. Her focus is to support and guide clients in achieving their goals. Caralyn is a married mother of three who loves spending time outdoors with her dogs.

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