Christopher (Chris) M. Messmer
Christopher (Chris) M. Messmer
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Christopher (Chris) M. Messmer

Christopher Messmer is a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who is passionate about the field of psychiatry and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. He started his career with the goal to help patients at the age of 18 in the United States Navy in healthcare as a Hospital Corpsman (medic). There he learned how to relate to all walks of life, by providing in-depth health care to fellow servicemen and women from all over the United States and to those from international naval forces. Learning to problem solve with physicians at an early age and being affectionately referred to as 'doc' by Marine Corps personnel has driven him to be the best at what his does throughout his high-level work in three decades of healthcare service. What drives him to reduce the stigma of mental health care is the mental anguish and misery people endure on an everyday basis without seeking help because of what others may think. He truly understands the seriousness of the responsibility bestowed upon him to help people help themselves when they do finally seek behavioral healthcare. He will give all the strength he has inside of himself and use his vast life experience and high level training/education at the Ohio State University College of Nursing to be a tremendous guide to lead an individual to an exciting path of feeling better.

Cerebral provides an exciting new way to empower you to start down the path of rejuvenation by providing access to his exempliary healthcare team at your fingertips. Chris himself appreciates the finer aspects of living by enjoying great food, art and nature in and around his local community in Columbus, Ohio. He explores the world and culture with family in his free time, which include his wife and three children by taking hikes and bicycle rides and going to parks, gardens and museums. His appreciation that everyone has the special ability to provide a meaningful contribution to share their special skill with others throughout the world and the local community is what makes life special to him.

Our biggest mistake as humans is to think we are a finished product at any given time in our lives. At once we understand that we are capable of change and that every single thing we firmly think we believe may be wrong, we are one step closer to maturation. - Unknown

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