Makalah Krick
Makalah Krick
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Makalah Krick

Makalah Krick holds a Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on Mental Health and Addictions from Indiana University. She has worked with clients that have processed through anxiety, depression, and past traumas; this experience is what gives her first-hand knowledge when working with clients. Makalah’s experience includes consulting with clients in an inpatient substance use center to utilize coping skills such as reframing, goal setting, mindfulness, and mental health check-ins. She used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Trauma Informed Care (TIC) while working with both individuals and groups to aid in teaching these coping skills. She strives to utilize her education to help clients better understand their mental health and well-being. In her free time, Makalah enjoys playing and coaching volleyball, going on walks with her dog, and spending time with family!

The only journey is the journey within. - Rainer Maria Rilke 

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