Weekly Schedule

You can personalize the Weekly Schedule resource by downloading it HERE and adding your own responses, or continue to view it below.

Sometimes it can be challenging to keep track of all of the things we need to get done in a week, especially if we are feeling overwhelmed or unmotivated. Creating a weekly schedule for yourself can be an effective way to track important tasks. It can also be helpful to look at self-care as an important weekly task to maintain mental and physical wellbeing, and include it in your weekly schedule. 

Use the schedule below to write out your tasks, and cross or check them off as you go. The second page can be used to break down bigger daily tasks into smaller ones. Sometimes we may overestimate how long a task will take, so it is okay to move uncompleted tasks to a later box, or make adjustments as needed. Approaching with flexibility will reduce guilt around not completing a task in time, and can improve the likelihood of completing the task at a later time.



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