My Self-Care Plan

Self-care is the practice of intentionally doing activities that are nourishing for your well-being. We create self-care plans to help determine your needs and what will help you meet those. Identify activities and practices that help improve your mind, body, and spirit, and write them down in the self-care plan below.

Need some ideas? Here’s some to start.

  • Mind: read a book or listen to an audiobook, create a vision board, play games, make art, work on a puzzle, listen to music...
  • Body: walk, run, hike, swim, dance, practice yoga, cook a healthy meal, clean your home, take a warm bath or shower...
  • Spirit: create a gratitude list, observe nature, volunteer, meditate, practice relaxation techniques/deep breathing, talk to someone you love...

Download the Self-Care Plan resource HERE or read it below.


Call 911

If you’re having a mental
health emergency

Text Home to 741-741

If you're in emotional distress and
need immediate support

Call 988

For National Suicide
Prevention Hotline