Managing ADHD: Daily Productivity Planner

You can personalize the Managing ADHD: Daily Productivity Planner resource by downloading it HERE, and adding your own responses, or continue to view it below.

Managing ADHD can be hard, and getting important tasks done on time might feel like a never ending, uphill battle. Part of managing ADHD is accepting our limitations and being a bit kinder to ourselves; nonetheless, being kinder to ourselves won't necessarily get the laundry done, pick up the kids from school, or finish that project we're procrastinating on. Incorporating tools like a daily productivity planner can be helpful in managing bigger and/or important tasks.

Step 1: Write today's date


Step 2: Create a "To-Do List"


Step 3: Write a positive affirmation for the day


Step 4: Prioritize

Out of all of the tasks you have listed, what are the 3 most important tasks? Use the chart below to plan your 3 “main tasks”, break down each task to smaller parts, then mark when each step is complete.



Taking some time to get curious about our experience, in a non-judgmental way, can be helpful in building up our ability to manage our daily tasks. Use the questions below to explore.

  • How many tasks did I complete today?
  • What was the total time I spent on each task?
  • How will I reward myself for the tasks I completed?
  • Is there anything I can do differently tomorrow?
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