Cerebral President and CMO David Mou, MD, Named Chief Executive Officer as CEO Kyle Robertson leaves position

May 18, 2022

Chief Operating Officer Jessica Muse Assumes President Role for Company, Clinical Advisor Thomas Insel agrees to join Board.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., May 18, 2022 – David Mou, MD MBA, the company’s President and Chief Medical Officer, has been named as Cerebral’s Chief Executive Officer. Cofounder Kyle Robertson leaves his position as CEO, effective immediately.

“We thank Kyle for his service. His vision resulted in what Cerebral is today: a leading provider of urgently needed mental health services to people who were unable or unlikely to obtain treatment,” Mou said. “The timing for his idea was fortuitous. When the pandemic struck, Cerebral became a lifeline for those in need of mental health services. Kyle led the company through the rapid growth that followed, helping hundreds of thousands of patients access effective and safe care. As Cerebral enters its next phase of growth, we look forward to expanding our services, guided as always by evidence-based clinical protocols, to help those who struggle with mental health concerns in silence.” 

Jessica Muse, MBA, Chief Operating Officer of the company assumes the post of Chief Operating Officer and President, effective immediately. Since she joined the company in 2020, Jessica has overseen the company's core operations, including client and clinical support, clinical teams, capacity operations and pharmacy. Jessica was one of the first leaders to join the company and has helped build it from the ground up.

“I am thrilled to announce the new and important role Jessica will be taking with Cerebral, a company on which she has already made such an incredible mark,” Mou said. “Augmenting her leadership profile with the company is an exciting next step in our development, and I and the rest of the leadership team look forward to the great things that lie ahead for Cerebral with Jessica at this crucial post.”

“I am honored to assume this important role in the leadership of Cerebral,” Muse said. “The commitment of our team to the mission of improving access to quality mental health care is nothing short of inspiring, and I am proud to expand my leadership duties within this outstanding and dedicated group of professionals.”

Rounding out the leadership developments at Cerebral, Thomas Insel has agreed to join the company’s board. Insel is former director of the National Institute of Mental Health and clinical advisor for Cerebral.

“Now more than ever, we need innovation to improve the delivery of mental health care in this country,” Insel said. “Cerebral has the commitment, the scale, and the opportunity to transform the quality of care. I look forward to joining this endeavor with the assurance that the company will focus fully on this unprecedented opportunity to deliver the highest quality mental health care to millions of people who have previously not had access and therefore could not benefit from effective medical and psychological treatments.”

About Cerebral
Cerebral is a telemedicine company focused on mental health that offers medication management and therapy through a monthly membership model.

Cerebral’s mission is simple and straightforward: To improve access to long-term, high-quality mental health care to all. Unlike traditional mental health care, Cerebral is accessible, convenient, affordable, and free of stigma. With several full-service monthly subscription plans to choose from, members receive online access to providers, behavioral counselors, and talk therapists—all from the comfort of home or anywhere else with an internet connection. Visits are done via video chat, and members can message their care team directly. For more information, visit cerebral.com.


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