Cerebral Launches Virtual Therapy Service Amid COVID Stress

September 14, 2020

With COVID-19, many people have been staying indoors and have adjusted to a new “normal” living through their laptops, phones, and computers. For those struggling with their mental health, this routine might now include virtual therapy with telehealth startup Cerebral.

The San Francisco startup Cerebral just launched a virtual therapy service starting in Texas, Florida, Georgia, and California and is expanding soon to other states. With the therapy launch to meet demand, people will have the choice of weekly therapy, mental health medication services, or both together. According to Cerebral’s research, this will be the first telemedicine service where the patient’s prescribing provider and the patient’s therapist work together directly to deliver comprehensive mental healthcare.

Cerebral Psychiatrist Dr. Aneel Ursani states, "At Cerebral, we provide high quality care by providing both medication and therapy services which are proven to be more effective together compared to them alone.”

And the science agrees with Dr. Ursani. Studies have shown that receiving medication and psychosocial treatment together sees better results, better patient satisfaction, and lower costs than any other option for mental health treatment.

Mental healthcare has also been difficult to access for most Americans, with more than 25% of workers unsure how to get access and 27% reporting their coverage is insufficient. Wait times for therapy averaged nearly a month in 2017. Cerebral recognizes the need for more straightforward, convenient, and immediate support, and was created to improve access to mental healthcare.

Most Cerebral therapy clients will be able to see a therapist within a week after signing up, and often there is availability to see a therapist the next day. Cerebral also provides discretion and an easier way to access therapy. It’s service allows individuals to receive treatment in the privacy and convenience of their own home without trouble of having to take an extra trip every week to their therapist’s office.

“As a mom to three little girls, I can’t exactly take all my kids to an office, but with Cerebral, I can be both a mom and get the care I need in my own home. My team worked quickly to let me get back to my girls,” said one Cerebral client.

Prior to launching therapy, Cerebral had already been providing diagnostic and medication services for mental health conditions since January of this year. Clients complete an online clinical assessment and then meet with one of Cerebral’s providers. If medication is deemed necessary as part of the client’s treatment plan they have the option to receive their medication in the mail. They then check in either monthly or weekly with their care team, depending on their subscription, to track their progress and make any necessary updates to their treatment.

Patients currently working with Cerebral have referred friends, loved ones, and even bosses to the service, finding comfort and support in addressing their symptoms at their own pace, in their own homes. Review sites like Fin vs Fin celebrate Cerebral too, saying, "We love Cerebral’s mission of making mental health help easier to access." While Cerebral’s therapy service has launched in Texas, California, Georgia, and Florida, its diagnosis and medication service continues to be offered in many more states. It currently offers diagnosis and medication services in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington and plans to expand all of it’s services to all 50 states.

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Kyle Robertson, Founder

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