Cerebral Is Now Available Everywhere in the U.S.!

February 18, 2021

When we launched Cerebral at the beginning of 2020, the world had not yet been rocked by Covid-19. We’d not yet been collectively asked to give up so much of our usual day-to-day lives outside of the home. But even before Covid, the need for Cerebral—for high-quality mental health care for anyone to access at any time—was evident.

The world shifted in a big way in 2020; but the fact is, we were already going through major cultural shifts. We were, and are, spending more time online. We learned that services, like certain types of health care, can be delivered digitally—at the same or even higher quality. And, unfortunately, the mental health care crisis in America has only been worsening for years. 

When we began our journey of creating and delivering a service that combines psychiatric and behavioral therapy, we knew the road would be challenging. But we also knew it was more important than ever.

What many people might not know is that delivering online mental health care across the country is a big challenge indeed. Providers and therapists must be licensed by state in order to care for patients. Our team worked, and continues to work, diligently to establish a large group of providers and therapists that can treat patients around the country. Adding in the need to do all of this via phone or video chat, according to technical protocols, and in a way that ensures the highest quality of care has meant plenty of long nights, miles of paperwork, and a lot of new partnerships made along the way.

And so, it is with great pride and happiness that we announce Cerebral is officially available across the entire United States!

“I’m thrilled that folks in the U.S., wherever they are, now have access to long-term, high-quality mental health care,” said Cerebral Founder Kyle Robertson. “The timing couldn’t be better, too, as we’ve just rolled out insurance coverage. This is still just the beginning, and there are more great things to come.”

Cerebral COO Jess Muse added, “We’re excited to offer our medication management and counseling services nationally, and equally excited to continue to grow the number of states where our therapy plans are available. The future for people seeking mental health care is bright.”

For those dealing with depression, anxiety, or insomnia but who have been lacking access to care, now’s the time to start. Sign up now and find your support today.

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