A Message From Our CEO, David Mou MD

While we have recently been the target of news coverage that provides a distorted view of our outstanding care, we are confident in the services we have provided to over 400,000 patients since our founding in 2020.

Hear a message from our CEO, David Mou MD about our mission that prioritizes clinical quality and safety, as well as democratizing access to care for millions who suffer in silence.


My name is Dr. David Mou. I'm a psychiatrist and the CEO of Cerebral, one of the largest telehealth companies that provides mental health services.

I pursued a career in psychiatry after witnessing many of my friends and family members suffer from mental illness and not get the care they need and deserve. I recently lost a friend to suicide. This mission is very personal to me.

Our mental health system is broken. Patients wait months before they can get care and once they get to a mental health professional, the vast majority of them do not measure clinical outcomes. This is why I’ve committed my career to democratizing access to high quality mental health care.

Since I took the helm a month ago as CEO, we have doubled down on the thesis of clinical quality. Recently, Cerebral has been the subject of negative news. These stories provide a distorted view of the outstanding care that we provide.

Since the pandemic started, we’ve treated over 1.8 million clinical visits. We have provided great care for over 400,000 patients. The vast majority of patients see significant improvements in depression and anxiety symptoms. As a matter of fact, half of the patients with suicidal thinking are no longer suicidal after working with us for a few months. We know because we measure clinical outcomes.

Are there areas where we can improve? Absolutely. This is why we are engaging world-class mental health experts to help build out Cerebral’s industry-leading clinical programs. Our goal is to set the standard for high quality mental health care. That is my mission.

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