Payment Terms 

These terms cover your agreement regarding payment for services and are made and entered into by and between you and Cerebral, Inc. ("Cerebral") and/or CMG (defined below). You, CMG, and Cerebral are sometimes referred to herein each as a "Party" and together as the "Parties." The terms “you” and “your” means you, your dependents if any, and any other person accessing your User Account.  Note, Cerebral is not a medical group. Any telehealth consults obtained through our Website and/or App are provided by independent medical practitioners including, but not limited to, Cerebral Medical Group, P.A. (collectively, “CMG”), an independent provider group with a network of United States-based health care providers (each, a “Prescribing Provider”). 

If the services are not eligible for your health insurance or you do not have health insurance, then you must pay 100% of the total amounts due; and, you hereby authorize Cerebral and/or CMG to collect payment and charge your credit card.  To the extent you have health insurance, we participate in any insurance plans, including Medicare or Medicaid, and we accept such health insurance, you hereby authorize Cerebral and/or CMG to collect payment and charge your credit card for copayments, coinsurance, and amounts resulting from your insurance deductible plus any amounts not covered by your insurance.  In any event, you hereby authorize all charges to be charged at once in a single charge.

By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that if you are 100% self-pay:

1) you do not have any health insurance through a PPO, HMO, Medicaid or Medicare or any other insurance plan; or

2) you have health insurance but you do not want to use any insurance benefit for these services. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. It is your responsibility to know your benefits, and how they will apply to your benefit payments.

By signing this form, you are electing to purchase services that may or may not be covered by insurance. If the Services for purchase are on a self-pay basis, you have directed us to treat your purchase of these services as if you are an uninsured patient and you agree to be 100% responsible for full payment of the listed price of the services. Even if you have insurance that is applicable to the services, there is no guarantee your insurance company will make any payment on the cost of the services you have purchased. 

By opting in, you agree to pay all charges in full to the extent the services are not covered by applicable insurance. 

You have been given a choice of different services, along with their costs. You have selected the services and are 

willing to accept full financial responsibility for the payment that is due and payable. 

Our subscription model is a monthly recurring charge and the billing period begins from the time of registration. 

Third-Party Payment Processing Vendor. 

All credit card, debit card and other monetary transactions on or through the Website and the App – whether with Cerebral or CMG – occur through an online payment processing application that is provided by a 

third-party vendor(s). This information is accessible through the Website and the App. Such arrangements are contractual in nature and are not under the direct control of Cerebral or CMG. 

Payment Authorization and Obligations. 

If you provide your payment information, then you authorize Cerebral to do the following as Cerebral deems necessary: (a) share your payment information with Cerebral and/or CMG, especially if you purchase any products or services through the Website or the App; (b) share your  payment information with the third-party payment processing vendor(s) (see above); and (c) obtain your updated payment information from your payment issuer, the third-party payment processing vendor(s) and/or applicable third-party providers. You agree that you are responsible for all amounts that accrue under your account(s) with Cerebral, Inc, CMG, the third-party payment processing vendor(s) and/or other third  parties on or through the Website and the App. You also agree to be responsible for all payments, fines, penalties and other liabilities incurred by any such person or entity that arises out of or relates to payments that you authorize or accept on or through the Website and/or the App. 

Refusal of Products and Services on Fraud. 

Cerebral and/or CMG has the right to refuse its products and services (including, without limitation, the Website, the Apps, 

and any products and services offered by Cerebral and/or CMG) on suspicion of fraudulent or illegal activity associated with your User Account. This includes, but is not limited to, stolen payment information or falsified medical information resulting in a prescription and subsequent medication by CMG. 

Waiver of Claims and Unauthorized Payments. 

You agree to waive all claims against Cerebral and CMG related to any unauthorized payments made on or through your account(s) with Cerebral, Cerebral’s’ third-party payment processing vendor(s), CMG or any other third parties and/or any other person or entity, regardless of whether such payments are authorized or unauthorized. However, you may submit a claim of the unauthorized payment to Cerebral so that Cerebral can conduct a reasonable investigation as it sees fit under the circumstances. If appropriate, Cerebral will assist in correcting the alleged unauthorized payment, provided that such claim ("Unauthorized Payment Claim") is received by Cerebral within thirty (30) days of the subject charge or payment. 

Warranty of Payment Information. 

You warrant to Cerebral and CMG that any provided payment information is complete and accurate. You will promptly notify Cerebral if your payment information has changed (e.g. a change in address or expiration date), if your payment method has been cancelled, or if you become aware of a breach of security. 


No refunds. All orders are final once shipped. When the package is dispensed by the pharmacy, the order cannot be returned or refunded. Federal law prohibits pharmacies from accepting returns or exchanges on prescriptions, to protect the integrity of the medication and the health of the patient. If you think you’ve received the wrong medication, have received an order in error, or have any other questions, please contact us at 

Our Cancellation Policy. 

Please email with your request for cancellation by 9am PT one business day before your scheduled billing date to cancel your account. Our team will send a cancellation form for you to initiate the request. Please note that your account will remain active until your cancellation is confirmed by one of our Coordinators. 

Once your cancellation has processed, you will continue to have access to your records through Cerebral, but your treatment and medication plan will be suspended. 

Our subscription model is a monthly recurring charge and the billing period begins from the time of registration. 

Identity Verification. 

Your prescribing provider or therapist will need to confirm your identity and date of birth before you can be treated via telemedicine. 

We require an identifiable photo of your face. The photo needs to be taken in real-time and needs to be a clear and accurate representation of you at the point in time of your online visit (i.e. not old photos of you from years ago). 

  • No sunglasses or other facial obstructions 
  • No pictures of pictures 
  • No filters 

We also require an identifiable government-issued photo ID. This must include: 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Date of birth 
  • Expiration date (for legal purposes your ID cannot be expired) 
  • Unobstructed photo of your face
  • If you are in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
    Call 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line:
    Text Home to 741-741
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