Samantha (Sam) K. Nelums
Samantha (Sam) K. Nelums
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Samantha (Sam) K. Nelums

Samantha Nelums is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master of Social Work degree. She has seen the most success when working with people who experience family issues, attachment issues in relationships, those who want to heal from past family and relationship trauma, those questioning their sexuality and gender identity (including the complicated family issues and relationship issues that arise for LGBTQIA+ community members), as well as those who struggle with self-trust and decision-making.

From a clinical standpoint, Samantha takes a ‘person-in-environment’ approach and recognizes that people are not inherently born with behavioral health issues, therefore she makes it a point to explore the many factors that shape how the client experiences the world. She uses the following evidence-based interventions that have research to support success for the above-identified issues: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (including Trauma Focused CBT), Bowenian Family Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Written Exposure Therapy that addresses PTSD, and Problem Solving Therapy to address depression and anxiety.

The more we show ourselves that it's safe to leave the familiar (what we know), the more we open ourselves up to the growth and expansion that are always available to us in in any new moment. -Dr. Nicole LePera, PhD

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