Melanie Castillo
Melanie Castillo
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Melanie Castillo

Melanie Castillo has been an active licensed therapist for 15+ years, and a clinical supervisor for 8 years. Melanie has experience working with all age groups and all mental health issues, however, she feels most confident helping clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, and individuals and their families who suffer from addiction. Melanie also has extensive experience supporting clients with relational issues, divorce, breakups, and new relationship challenges. She is LGBTQ welcoming and has much experience and training in this area. Melanie approaches therapy with humor, challenging the client’s negative thoughts, and is invested in improving her client's lives. When Melanie is not helping clients, you can find her in nature with her family and dogs.

It is time to unlearn the things you learned from wounded people. - Anonymous

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