Lisa Lyn
Lisa Lyn
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Lisa Lyn

Lisa Hargrove is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in the state if North Carolina (LCMHC #12065) and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS #21906). She is also cross licensed in the state of Nevada as a Clinical Professional Counselor (CPC #5262-R). She has been in the Substance Abuse field since 1996 working as an alcohol counselor in an outpatient setting. She received her applied AAS degree in 1996 and went on to receive her BS in Community Health and Human Services with an emphasis on Grief and Gerontology. For many years she worked in the criminal justice area of substance abuse and worked for Suffolk TASC and Drug Treatment Court until relocating to North Carolina from New York. After her move she worked in various different types of SUD and Mental Health programs as well as domestic violence and sexual assault programs. She received her Masters degree in Professional Counseling and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in 2015 and 2017. Lisa has experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Medication Assisted Treatment, and Trauma Informed Care. She believes in a trusting partnership that will encourage the client to both healing and empowerment as well as to maximize their life goals. She is passionate about normalizing substance abuse and mental health treatment and improving accessibility of mental health care for all. She specializes in SUD, grief, domestic abuse, trauma, and working with the aging population. In her free time, Lisa enjoys reading, gardening, horses, traveling and spending quality time with her granddaughter.

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. - The 14th Dalai Lama

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