Kristine Camomile
Kristine Camomile
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Kristine Camomile

Kristi Camomile describes herself as a therapist who will will both validate and challenge the clients that she works with. She is gifted in building rapport with others and has mastered creating an environment where others feel comfortable. She is trustworthy, honest, and well respected. You can always count on hearing the truth from Kristi, and as you work with her, you will recognize her passion for what she does. Intuitive by nature, she is a student of life and has a thirst for knowledge. Kristi LOVES people and shows true interest in each person that she meets! Kristi began her clinical training at the University of Utah. She then went on to receive her LCMHC license through the University of Phoenix. It is her hands-on training throughout that period that has made her truly an expert.

Kristi has worked in the mental health field, primarily in residential treatment since 2005. She does not scare easily since she has treated a variety of disorders including mood disorders, addiction, personality disorders, psychosis, autism, eating disorders, attachment, and trauma. In this work, she enjoys helping clients find ways to calm their emotion mind, resolve anxiety and depression, while adopting new coping skills to deal with distress.

It has been said by trusted colleagues that she is a “true DBT champion” who regularly blends expressive art therapy, systemic theory, sand tray, play therapy, and emotion focused interventions with skill training/building. She is able to walk the line between challenging while providing unconditional positive regard”, and always has a “therapeutic trick up her sleeve.” While she often takes a Wise Mind approach to her therapeutic practice blending logic and emotion, she believes the relationship is the most important part of therapy and she always wants her clients to know that even on the hard days that they are cared for. In her spare time, you will find Kristi with her family or outdoors. For Kristi “music is life” she loves to listen, play, and sing. She also enjoys reading, crocheting and knitting.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. - Anonymous

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