Gabriel Williams
Gabriel Williams
Cerebral Therapist Associate
ABOUT Gabriel Williams

It isn’t easy asking for help. We live in a society that has taught us that asking for assistance with our troubles is a “weakness”, but on the contrary, I think it shows incredible strength. So often we fight our demons alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Therapy is the first step to making actual, concrete changes in your life so that you can achieve that end goal of fulfillment, prosperity, and success. And I am so proud of you for taking on this challenge. We’ll do this at your pace, one step at a time. What inspired me to be a therapist was navigating my own mental health struggles in a family that didn’t believe in such a thing. I knew how isolated I felt and from that point forward, I made it my life mission to ensure no one else would have to go through what I did. If you’re looking for a therapist with first hand experience in what you’re dealing with, I’m your girl. As a social worker, I am well-versed in the complexity of an individual’s life. What you’re facing isn’t an inherent trait, but rather a result of circumstance. I take into account an array of variables such as family dynamics, class, race, gender identity, sexuality, medical history, and more because intersectionality is what paints the portrait of an individual, not a diagnosis. If you’ve ever experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or relationship difficulties, I am here to help. I am also well versed in LGBTQ+ specific issues (I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community as well!), women-specific issues, life transitions, general stress, ADHD, and relationships. Using a variety of modalities such as person-centered, CBT, DBT, play therapy, music therapy, and more, I am committed to working with you to figure out what will best address the issue you’re facing. My license number is 116888. I am supervised by Jasmine Ramirez.

Sometimes there’s beauty in the tough words—it’s all in how you read them. - Jennifer Niven

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