Chris Dueker
Chris Dueker
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Chris Dueker

Chris Dueker has over 17 years experience as a Mental Health Counselor. He specializes in treating victims of trauma recover from their victimization and empower their lives. He has spent the majority of his counseling years treating people with dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental health to find success with balancing their lifestyle with social support and psychotropic medications. Furthermore, Chris has worked with the brain-injured populations, children, adolescents, and family/couples.
He employs Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing therapy, with a person-first approach. Chris also has an easy to work with approach that will meet you where you are at whether it be active goal setting, social skill building, improving relationships with important people in your life, and more. Chris is empathetic and enjoys sharing his experiences as a blue-collar worker and professional who can help relate to most of today's stressors and overcome them with a positive outcome that improves family, work, and significant other relationships.

Everyone has a purpose and talents to help themselves and others. Let's make sure you use yours for a life of fulfillment. - Anonymous

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