Carolina Palacios
Carolina Palacios
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Carolina Palacios

Welcome! So, you decided to check this out? Carolina is glad you did. Carolina Palacios, is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California. Deciding to take on therapy can be a nerve-racking experience. Therapy is a place for you to express your thoughts and understand your emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Carolina's method is nontraditional in the sense that she engages in back-and-forth dialogue rather than you doing all the talking. Her experience with community mental health and psychiatric hospitals influenced a Cognitive Behavioral and solution focused approach. That means that the skeleton of what of she does is skill building. So, she does have the tendency to sound a little like a coach. However, this does not mean you all won't do some of that soul searching stuff you see on TV. Yes, you all will dip into those past childhood experiences because they tend to have huge impact in what we do today. Carolina is an EMDR trained which is a great modality that can help address those traumatic events. Not just those big traumas but the little ones too. Like the one with that nasty coworker or boss. Or the one where mom or dad called you that nickname you hate. Or, that friend who you thought was your friend but really wasn't. Carolina loves inserting humor so please count on laughing, crying, or laughing and crying all at the same time.
License LMFT 105737

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