Brandi Romero
Brandi Romero
Cerebral Therapist
ABOUT Brandi Romero

Brandi Romero is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked with various individuals and families, with the most recent specialization being individuals with eating disorders. Prior to working within this community, she worked side-by-side with families and children. Brandi is ready to help you conquer any challenge life has dealt you and find the purpose of the challenge and how to best manage your anxiety, depression, transitions, adjustments, stress, and/or self-esteem. Each individual is as unique as their practice and she strongly believes mindfulness-based practices to be universally helpful. This, along with other modalities, should allow for a unique practice suited for the individual. Positive psychology is the foundation of her practice and she hopes to be lovingly direct an active listener, and empathetic responder. Her space is free of judgment and full of new perspectives. Brandi will do whatever it takes to fit the needs of the individual and open up a space to clear your mind and free your soul. There will always be another day to do better, be better, and start over again.

When you cannot find the sunshine, then be the sunshine. - Anonymous

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