Soufyane Bourass
Soufyane Bourass
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ABOUT Soufyane Bourass

Psychiatry has always been my compassion although I practiced in various roles throughout my 13 years of clinical practice. My background practice was in critical care, emergency department, trauma, and behavioral health. I found the critical thinking acquired in acute care very relevant in managing psychiatric disorders. Pursuing graduate studies was important and choosing The University of South Alabama was due to their high focus on evidence based practice and higher achievement scores as one of the top ranked programs in Psychiatry and mental health.
Balance in life is important for our overall wellbeing. We have to spend time thinking about how to create this balance and be aware of the daily distractions that could take us off track. As a resident of the sunshine state, I spend most of me leisure time being outdoors between going to the beach and taking my mountain bike to the trails. Travelling is my favorite hobby, I enjoy exploring new cultures and learning about them. The best feeling I get from travelling is realizing how much I don't know about the world and how insignificant we're to the rest of the world. A very powerful perspective that makes me humble myself and seek further experiences.

You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you. — Dan Millman

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