Sandra Edwards
Sandra Edwards
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards has been a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner for 15yrs, prior to that a RN for many years with life experiences. In the beginning of her career as an RN at the age of 21yrs old, which was many years ago, she worked in the Emergency Room with overdoses patients of various age groups, also motor vehicle accidents with some alcohol related and was involving with various assets of Mental Health issues that come into the ER.
This provider is very caring, compassionate, and also had some extensive, extended family experiences with mental health. She has a passion to help others, to give them hope, in a possibly temporary situation.
In her career as a Nurse Practitioner she has worked daily in her practice with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, menopause, other hormone variances, and potential suicides.
She feels that a persons recovery is not magical it takes time and a team of support from self, family, friends and the educated providers that care. Addiction is real, everyone needs to recognized the issue, with confidentiality, and all need to get on top of it as soon as possible.
This Nurse Practitioner has also taught at a college and university with some Mental health institutions. She also worked at a college of wtih her education in her MSN as Nurse educator she spent some time at Menningers Institution, a world renowned provider for mental health and Rainbow mental health.
In her free time she is found with her dogs, a chocolate lab and Morkie. Two sizes and breads that are totally different but love so much. Animals are very therapeutic. She also can be found on a walk, or in a gym vegging out to music that takes her to another place, another therapeutic form of happiness and serotonin release. She also volunteers for Gift of Life to educate the young in the high school classroom why they want to say yes to donate their organs should something in life happens and how they can help others. The other part of Gift of Life is going to the hospital or calling on the patient to assist the donors and/or the recipients with their process of loss of their loved one or the donor accepting the Gift of Life.

Depression is temporary. Hope is permanent. - Uknown

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