Rosemary U. Okoroafor
Rosemary U. Okoroafor
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Rosemary U. Okoroafor

Rosemary Okoroafor is a Board-Certified, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, who graduated from Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, Texas, and Walden University at Minneapolis, Minnesota, for her RN and MSN degrees respectively. She has spent 11 years working in the field of Psychiatric Nursing at the Estates Health and Rehabilitation Centre, Fort Worth, Texas; Hickory Trail Hospital, DeSoto, Texas; John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital, Fort Worth, Texas; Eximious Integrated Health Solutions, Allen, Texas; Palms Behavioral Health, Harlingen, Texas, Metrocare Services, Dallas, Texas.
Rosemary’s experience with mental health cuts across a wide range of patients’ population with various disorders. She is very passionate about the wellness of her patients, and works with them diligently to understand and restore their personal health. Rosemary applies integrated approach of love and care to the management of her patients by providing them with the medications, psychotherapy and education they deserve to satisfactorily reach their optimal mental health. She takes pride in providing a holistic patient-centered mental health care.
When Rosemary is not working, she enjoys watching movies, cooking and spending quality time with her family and grandchildren.

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