Ogochukwu Enyi
Ogochukwu Enyi
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Ogochukwu Enyi

Ogochukwu Enyi is a certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who has been practicing as a Psychiatric lead nurse in an acute inpatient Psychiatric facility for the past 5 years. She started as a nurse in other areas of nursing before finding her passion in a Psychiatric facility. She has been practicing as a psychiatric nurse for the past five years and she recognize that it is important to continuously enhance her knowledge in the breadth and complexity of psychiatric illnesses. Pursuing her certification as a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner provides her with the avenue and the tools to excel in this field and provide even more excellent care for her patients. She has worked both at inpatient and outpatient Psychiatric setting, and because of her passion for mental health, she is teaching Psychiatric at George Washington University school of nursing. Over the period, she has been a psychiatric nurse and PMHNP, she has learned the importance of treating all patients holistically. She wants to be in the position where she cannot only evaluate and assess mental health issues but also treat and alleviate psychiatric illness. Her goal is to integrate mental health into primary care. In her free time, she loves to cook, play games with family, and exercising by taking a walk in her neighborhood.

There is no health without mental health. - David Satcher

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