Nixon Oloo
Nixon Oloo
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Nixon Oloo

Nixon Oloo is a board-certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.
He started his career working as a Mental Health Technician in a Psychiatric hospital 21 years ago. Nixon proceeded to complete his Professional Registered Nurse Degree and worked in several psychiatric hospitals and congregate settings within New Jersey.
He then pursued Master of Science Degree in Nursing and successfully passed the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and attained a Board Certification in the discipline. He has worked in diverse settings including Psychiatric inpatient and outpatient units, Group Homes for individuals diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Substance Abuse Units, Dementia Units and many more. His training experiences in both large cities and disenfranchised areas with limited access to health care have ignited a passion to a seamless and accessible affordable, evidence-based quality mental health care no matter where a patient may be located. In his free time, you can find him working out and playing with his two children.

Disability is not necessarily an inability. - Anonymous

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