Maribeth H. Jenkins
Maribeth H. Jenkins
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Maribeth H. Jenkins

Maribeth Jenkins is a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has been in the nursing field for over 20 years. Maribeth has completed degrees in Licensed Vocational Nursing, Registered Nursing, and has both a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and a Masters Degree as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has worked in many areas of healthcare, but mostly in mental health because this is her true passion. She has lived and worked in very rural areas and understands the importance of providing access to affordable, quality mental health care no matter where a patient may be located. In her free time you can find her cooking, exercising, and spending time with her family.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” ― Leonard Cohen

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