Eva N. Kirara
Eva N. Kirara
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Eva N. Kirara

Eva Kirara is a Board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, she acquired Bachelors and Master's degree at the University of Texas in Arlington. Eva was a ICU nurse for 10 years however, her interest and involvement in advocating for mental health began at a young age. Eva's maternal aunt often struggled with mood swings but it was not until Eva gained knowledge in mental health that she understood her aunts struggles with Bipolar disorder. Mental health in Kenya was and still is an overlooked health structure due to stigmas associated with it and because of this, she has become passionate as she now understands that is the foundation that allows us to be the best mental health providers we can be.
Eva's work ethics enable her to integrate a holistic, relationship-building approach to quality care delivery. This approach meets patients at difficult points in their lives and guides them towards well-being. Eva is able to provide compassionate, comprehensive holistic, evidence based high quality care which is able to fill the gap in accessing psychiatric and mental health services.
Her interests outside work are spending time with her family, traveling and reading a good book.

What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor and more unashamed conversation - Glen Close

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
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