Erica Conner
Erica Conner
Cerebral Prescriber
ABOUT Erica Conner

Erica Conner MS, APRN, FNP-c Licensed
Erica is a Board Certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with 15+ years of experience providing premium patient care. She prides herself on having rich and diverse professional roles in the healthcare space, along with “hands-on” clinical experience. Erica has acquired considerable expertise to provide a wide array of medical services, given her experience of working in a multitude of healthcare settings.

As an APRN with experience in the field of preventative, functional, and anti-aging medicine, Erica derives immense contentment and motivation from seeing how a small intervention, cure, preventative step, or correction can significantly enhance a patient’s wellbeing. It is this ability to optimize and accelerate a patient’s health compounded by a genuine desire to make a difference that reinforces her commitment to the evolving field of anti-aging medicine.

From the time she first got into this field to now, her driving impetus remains the same: To serve her patient’s individualized medical and aesthetic needs holistically, such that they can reach their desired health goals and learn to feel comfortable in their skin. Erica also believes in paying the favor forward by using her knowledge, skills, and experience to mentor and motivate other emerging experts in the field.

Hard-working, self-disciplined, innovative, dependable, and committed to serving patients in the practice as well as in the community at large, Erica is always looking to expand her horizons.

Strong Desire to Touch Lives & Life Spirits, & Courageously seeking to make an impactful difference helping others optimize their health --cell 2 soul-- from the inside out. So they can live their best life for the rest of their life! - Unknown

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