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English Rex
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English Rex is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. She began her journey in the medical field in January of 2005 as a patient advocate and ER admitting clerk at Hackley hospital in Muskegon Michigan. She embarked upon her nursing career in 2007. She has worked at 5 hospitals and a surgical clinic. She has worked in Oncology, Surgery, `Emergency Department, Critical Care Unit, and PICC line administration. She has been a FNP since 2018. English began her education by receiving an Certification in Practical Nursing in 2007. She continued to work, gain experience, and education steadily progressing to an AAS in Nursing in 2009, BSN in 2014 and most recently her NP in 2018. Throughout her career she has seen first hand the ravages of mental health cases left untreated upon the patients, their families and their communities. Having multiple postings outside of major military installations, she witnessed the trauma of PTSD in soldiers and their families. These combined experiences have driven English to assure the best possible treatment is given to all patients that need mental health treatment. She strongly advocates for her patients rights and the elimination of stigma.

Don’t let your struggle become your identity. – Unknown

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