Abiodun Adebisi
Abiodun Adebisi
Cerebral Provider
ABOUT Abiodun Adebisi

Abiodun Adebisi is a board-certified nurse practitioner. She is healthcare informaticist with more than 10yrs experience in the healthcare field. She started her career over ten years ago as a registered nurse and has worked in diverse areas, including med surg, LTAC, SNF, telemetry, and as performance improvement coordinator. Abiodun then went on to receive her NP degree in 2017 and has been very passionate about caring for patients with mental health concerns. Her career has since focused on caring for patients in pain management, outpatient mental health clinics, addiction medicine and at long term facilities. She has successfully managed and continues to treat patients with simple and complex mental health concerns. Abiodun constantly seeks ways to improve or add-on to her skills as a provider. She is a great listener and ensures that each patient contributes to creating a suitable plan of care during encounters. She is a patient advocate and believes in patient-centered care. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her husband and her two boys.

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