Zedrix Aviel Santos
Zedrix Aviel Santos
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Zedrix Aviel Santos

Zedrix Santos is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and an Army Veteran. He received his Masters of Science in Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University, with a concentration in advanced clinical social work practice, mental health, and disabilities. Additionally, he received clinical training on identifying psychosis in adolescents and young adults from Stanford University and “Understanding the Science of Happiness” from University of California, Berkeley.
His functions in clinical social work practice include various specialties (i.e., anxiety, depression, psychosis, PTSD, ADHD, addiction, crisis interventions). He serves various individuals that come from diverse backgrounds/populations. He also has experience working in various clinical settings. Zedrix understands that although many of us may share similar problems in life, we still are all different people; therefore we all cope, perceive, think, respond, and react to situations and problems differently. He believes in real-life solutions and understands that not every solution has to be "by the book"; while he does utilize evidence-based practice modalities, he primarily practices in non-conventional and instinctive ways. He understands that people shouldn’t be treated like another textbook or another client. Zedrix believes that individuals can thrive their inner-selves by not viewing themselves as fragments or pieces, but rather, focusing on who they are as a whole person (holistically). In his free time, he can be found conducting self-care by driving on empty roads late at night, going for cars and coffee meets, spending time with his loved ones, going for walks, and catching up on some sleep.

The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective. — Al Neuharth

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