Sarah Weatherford
Sarah Weatherford
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Sarah Weatherford

Sarah holds a Master's degree in Health Psychology from the University of Southampton. As a researcher turned mental health advocate and movement specialist, she has first hand experience working with burnout, toxic positivity, depression, anxiety, stress management and health behavior change. Sarah aims to increase quality of life in an integrative and holistic way using various methods like mindfulness, journaling, goal-setting, movement, visualization and breath work. Using the intersection of each person's bio- psycho- and social factor she creates a collaborative space focusing on lifestyle adjustments, mind-body skills and motivational interviewing to improve coping mechanisms and overcome limiting beliefs. Sarah strives to help others strengthen their mind-body connection and bring affordable mental healthcare to all. In her free time she loves teaching children's yoga, reading science fiction, being outdoors and thrifting!

You will get there. But right now you are here, and here can be wonderful. - Walk the Earth

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