Nefer Curry-Dall'Igna
Nefer Curry-Dall'Igna
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Nefer Curry-Dall'Igna

Nefer Curry-Dall'Igna has a master’s degree in Dynamic Psychology, obtained at the University of Padua, in Italy. She is currently working on getting her Psyd fully recognized in the United States, while in Italy she is a Licensed Psychotherapist. Nefer was born in Vicenza, a town located in northeast Italy. She moved to El Paso, Texas, in December 2016, to follow her husband on his military journey. While in Italy she worked with different types of populations, like Eating Disorders, Adolescents and Children, and Pet Therapy. She has a Certification in Victim Advocacy and is also pursuing an Associate's in Early Childhood Development. As a clinician, and military spouse, Nefer recognizes and understands stress factors and challenging life events, because of having to face them on several occasions, herself. Nefer is very aware of the importance of the right help during those moments. She uses a dynamic and integrated approach, which allows her to work with the clients using individualized techniques, tailored to the situation and the living moment of the person.

Non vivere, sed valere vita est (It is not to live, but to be healthy is life). - Anonymous

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