Nasiya Gordy-Brown
Nasiya Gordy-Brown
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Nasiya Gordy-Brown

Nasiya Gordy-Brown earned a double BA and has over ten years of experience in counseling and case management, working with at-risk youth and adults with mental health challenges. She has first-hand knowledge of connecting with people who often don't feel heard and she genuinely goes above and beyond to help her clients. Witnessing and counseling others with various mental health struggles led Nasiya to want to be a fighter and a voice for those who may not have one. She encourages mental health skills such as effective communication, anxiety management, organization, self-control, relaxation, problem-solving, self-confidence, positive self-talk and much more. Nasiya is passionate about taking the steps to assist her clients in becoming better, healthier, versions of themselves. In her free time, she is a devoted mom of two boys, a happy wife, a loving sister, and a doting daughter. Spending time with family is her favorite thing to do!

If you can't do things to improve the human condition, your academic achievements and titles mean nothing. - Dr. MLK

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