Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri
Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri
Cerebral Care Counselor
ABOUT Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri

A graduate of The University of Michigan and Wayne State University, Dr. Malasri Chaudhery-Malgeri (Dr. Mala), specializes in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy bringing together the best of both worlds in her work. Dr. Mala has been a practicing coach, psychologist and professor for over eighteen years. Her approach combines cognitive behavioral, behavioral, empathic and mindfulness-based thought processes/approaches. As an expert in rehabilitative therapy, marriage and family therapy, with specialties in TBI, PTSD, Chronic Pain and Holistic Health Management, Sports Psychology/Coaching, Life Coaching, Parent Coaching/Training & Business Coaching, Dr. Mala has helped a cross section of a variety of communities: from business professionals and political figures to athletes, families, couples, and youth. She has also been able to develop her own specialized programs and treatment interventions to assist patients build their “toolbox” for improving overall quality of life, promoting well-being for: mind, body and spirit. In her free time, Dr. Mala enjoys: working out, competitive Argentine Tango/Afrocuban salsa/ballroom dancing, martial arts, cooking and more.

In cherishing the world within you, you cherish the world. In cherishing the world around you, you cherish yourself. - Anonymous

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