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At Cerebral, we're improving access to affordable, high-quality, long-term mental health care to everyone who needs it.


Mental health is a global crisis

The mental health crisis in the U.S. and around the globe is nothing short of tragic. About 50% of the general population experiences a mental illness at some point in their life. And 56% of people who need care for mental illness don’t receive it. 

The fact is, mental illness is everywhere. It doesn’t just affect individuals; it affects families, communities...all of us.

Traditional care isn’t good enough

Unfortunately, traditional mental health care simply isn’t up to the challenge.

It often takes up to 3 months to see a psychiatrist for an in-person initial consultation. And once you do, the bill can be well over $500. For behavioral therapy, patients pay huge amounts to see an in-person therapist who may be an imperfect fit and difficult to make time for.

Traditional mental health care is inaccessible, inconvenient, unaffordable, and loaded with stigma. And finding help can feel like navigating a stressful obstacle course.

But Cerebral is changing that!


Our online comprehensive care model provides easy access to best-in-class mental health care providers, including prescribing providers and behavioral care specialists. Cerebral’s mental health services include medication management, counseling, and therapy.


Sign up and be on a video chat with an expert within minutes or days (rather than months). You can also send direct messages to your care team. And, with our mobile app, you can access your care from practically anywhere!

High-Quality, Comprehensive Care

Your custom care team is made up of licensed professionals who meet the highest standards. And since they’re all on one platform, your prescriber, therapist or counselor, and account coordinator all keep in touch with another, to deliver the best care to you.


A third of the cost of traditional, in-person therapy, and a fraction of the cost of traditional psychiatric care. We’re also in-network with the biggest insurers and our plans are FSA/HSA eligible.


Come as you are, without even having to leave home. We’re tearing down the walls of mental health stigma, but you’re more than welcome to receive your care from the comfort of your own home. It’s private, secure, and non-judgmental!

Over 75% of Cerebral clients achieve meaningful reductions in their symptoms in less than just 2 months of care.

This is high-quality mental health care wherever and whenever you want it, without the stigma, wait times, or stress.

  • If you are in emotional distress, here are some resources for immediate help:

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:
    Call 1-800-273-8255
  • Crisis Text Line:
    Text Home to 741-741
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